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Background: The Post Office Department designated any contract air mail route flown by an airline into/from a foreign country into/from the US as a "Foreign Air Mail" route. The Foreign Air Mail routes became known as FAM's.

FAM-1: FAM-1 was awarded to Canadian Colonial Airways.
        On March 16, 1923 a small aviation company called the Bee Line was formed in the Naugatuck Valley of Connecticut. Early passengers on the Bee Line included the Connecticut Governor and his aide. In 1925 the Bee Line was reorganized as Colonial Air Transport and on July 1, 1926 inaugurated airmail service between New York and Boston along CAM-1. The Colonial system was soon expanded with the formation of Canadian Colonial (service to Montreal) and Colonial Western (service to Albany, Utica, Syracuse, Rochester, Buffalo and eventually Erie and Cleveland).
        Canadian Colonial Airways was awarded FAM-1 and on October 1, 1928 began flight service between New York and Montreal Canada.

Fairchild FC-2

F1-1 281001 New York NY-Montreal Canada CCA Billy Hughes $3.00
F1-2 281001 Albany NY-Montreal Canada CCA Paul E Reeder $3.00
F1-3 281001 Montreal Canada-Albany NY CCA Paul E Reeder $3.75

        The three separate Colonial divisions were combined into a single holding company named Colonial Airways Corporation in March 1929.

F1-6 290401 New York NY-Burlington VT CCA RC Lewis $5.25
F1-4 290401 Burlington VT-Montreal Canada CCA RC Lewis $3.00
F1-7 290401 Montreal Canada-Burlington VT CCA AE Hamer $7.50
F1-5 290401 Burlington VT-New York NY CCA AE Hamer $3.00

Douglas DC-2

F1-8a 410801 Glens Falls NY-Burlington VT CCA HJ Uttenweiler $30.00
F1-8 410801 Glens Falls NY-Montreal Canada CCA HJ Uttenweiler $30.00
F1-9a 410801 Glens Falls NY-Albany NY CCA Samuel C Barnitt $26.25
F1-9 410801 Glens Falls NY-New York NY CCA Samuel C Barnitt $26.25

        In October of 1939 Canadian Colonial Airways had been taken over by a group of investors led by Sigmund Janas. CCA had not been terribly aggressive in the marketplace and Janas resolved to change this. Accordingly, on May 1, 1942 he changed the corporate name of the airline to Colonial Airlines and took steps to expand its route structure. (Note: On February 19, 1946 this route was included under AM-72)

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